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We represent companies that
export products to the United States
We have Federal Import licenses to import all commodities into the United States   - Product Analysis
  - Market Analysis
      - Develop a strategic
    Marketing plan

      Artlom USA, Inc. specializes in assisting foreign companies,
       foreign trade associations, and others expand their sales  
   and distribution in the United States market.                 

           Conducting business properly requires projecting a professional
                 image of your company, and maintaining close communications
      with clients.                     

           Without proper representation, you risk slowly losing contact   
        with your clients, and your clients slowly losing interest in  
     your product.                                                                   

Being associated with Artlom USA means you'll have a   
 better chance of successfully entering the U.S. market  
  than you would alone. We will provide you with the      
  marketing and administrative services necessary to sell
   effectively and efficiently in the United States.                

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